New Year Update

A Happy New Year to you all

As it was a quiet day today and feeling a wee bit under the weather with the start of a cold, I decided to do a bit more work on the site by adding more photographs.

The pages updated are:

Seeing all these great places really brightened me up ready to start again tomorrow, I’ve had a tip-off on some great murals in nearby Paisley, watch this space!

New Zealand completed

This week was quite busy, after my visit to the Barn in the Gorbals on Monday, I decided to update a mural trail I had previously taken, I went back and revisited it taking new photographs, this trail, Trail #5, around 3km started in George Square and took me to Tennents Brewery on Duke Street and Glasgow’s famous Barras Market, as usual, I finished in a pub, this time I had pre-arranged to meet my pal Jim in the West Brewery, and over lunch and a few beers we decided to visit Iceland in February to photograph the Northern Lights.  Leaving West, we took a stroll back into the city to show Jim the Billy Connolly murals and Smug’s Honey I shrunk the kids mural in Mitchell Street.

There was a local power cut that evening which put my computer out of action so I eventually got us all booked up on Thursday.

During the week I was quite excited to be selected to volunteer in both Celtic Connections 2019 and the European Indoor Athletics Championships in the new year, I’m not sure what my roles at each will be, but I’m really looking forward to them.

To complete the week’s work I finished the New Zealand section of my Trips Away area of the website, it can be seen here.  The last section covers my time from Queenstown to Christchurch, and my trip to Greymouth, and finally my departure to Fiji.

Mural Trail #4 updated

Today I popped into the Crossroads at the Barn youth centre in Abbotsford Place, where I had previously taken some photographs of work by EJEK (Danny McDermott).

I had noticed this new work, a portrait of Stan Lee, with his character creations, as I passed on a bus which had been diverted due to roadworks.  Seeing it up close, it really is a great piece of work, Danny’s skill as an artist is exceptional.

While I chatting to Katy and the staff at the centre, I managed to solve a riddle that had been puzzling me for some years.  All around the Gorbals and Southside, I noticed a symbol painted on walls, shop fronts and on the Gorbals Men’s Shed gates, it turned out that it called The Glasgow Venus, which is a cultural artefact in design, created by Luis MaGill an over 60s Scotish artist, residing in Glasgow’s Southside, I found a set of his work on Laurieston Road, behind the Brazen Head public-house, which unfortunately has been tagged over leaving only little bits visible.

I have added these photographs onto the Mural Trail #4 Page

I also recently added a gallery of outstanding figurative paintings by James Klinge in East Kilbride, they can be seen here.  I’ve also added a page showing the cheerful and bright mural at Rutherglen Station, clicking on the links will take you there.

A busy week

A fairly busy week gone by, last Wednesday I took delivery of a new camera before heading to my first Christmas dinner of the year, this time it was with my friends from the Rutherglen Library heritage group, it was good to meet up and have a nice meal together.

My friend and neighbour Iain Carrie offered me the chance to visit his lodge in the Auchrannie Resort on Arran for a few days, so I headed off on Thursday, with my new camera, to catch the early morning ferry from Ardrossan.  It was good to revisit many of my favourite places such as the Machrie Moor Standing Stones, Kings Cave and Glen Sannox, retaking photographs.  Meals in the Drift Inn in Lamlash, the Douglas Hotel and a musical evening in the Crofters listening and chatting to Cams Campbell, a gifted musician, all made for a special trip, I even got some Street art photographs!

Christmas shopping beckoned so a visit to Glasgow’s shops was the order of the day on Sunday, I finished off in the Merchant Square craft market where I met up with Andy Hurst, a really friendly and gifted Glasgow artist, I had purchased some of Andy’s work before I left for my travels and Andy was keen to hear about my trip.

Still wanting to test my new camera, on Tuesday I headed to Leith to take photographs of the street art in the area, I found a wide selection by some new artists and one surprising piece by an old favourite, Guido Van Helten. (I’ll post these in the Glasgow Street Art Section)

I’ve also added another mural trail to the Glasgow’s Street Art section, this one was taken around the Gorbals area.

A little Hamlet Moment

I was in Glasgow yesterday to catch up with Graeme over a few beers in the Raven, one of my favourite haunts.  On the way up Renfield Street, I stepped into Renfield Lane to avoid  a large puddle and spotted this intriguing little piece of street art:


I have since discovered that it was created in 2013 by Peter Drew, a freelance arts writer and street artist, who was born in Adelaide and is currently living in Glasgow.  This piece is one of sixteen pieces depicting a complete soliloquy from Hamlet, I have seen the others online, now I have the challenge of finding them and photographing them.

Another surprise from the visit was the discovery that the Raven had commisioned the prolific Glasgow street artist Danny McDermott, aka EJEK, to create a thermal image styled Raven on the side wall of the pub in Bath Lane.

EJEK is a major Street Artist in Glasgow, most people will know his work with Rogue One, on the Clutha bar immortalising celebrities including Spike Milligan, Jimmy Reid, Billy Connolly.


I don’t want to stray into Briony’s Glasgow Food Blog area by starting to review pubs and restaurants, but for me, the Raven deserves a review.

I’m regularly in the Raven for a few pints and a bite to eat  with my friend Jim, it’s our main meeting place, we say we’ll start there then move on, only we rarely move on, the range of beers is excellent, the food is good and the place is always clean and tidy, plus the staff are always pleasant, they have got to know us and our preference for certain types of beer and are always happy to suggest suitable brews.  I would go as far as to say it’s my local in the city centre.