Street art around the world.

It was logical for me to have a page dedicated to the street art I discover during my travels. 

As I tend to take so many photographs and there would be too many for one page, I have created separate pages for each city/area.  Each image is presented as a thumbnail which when clicked opens the image in a new tab/window.  The image can also be shown full size within the new tab/window and there is an area where comments can be added.

The locations of the street art shown on the following pages and the artists creating them are credited where possible, although due to the nature of street art, some remain anonymous, I will add more detailed information if and when it becomes available.

Some of my favourite images are shown in the following pages.  Click on each location link to open its page. 


Singapore  ~  Australia  ~  New Zealand  ~  Fiji  ~  Hong Kong


Reykjavik  ~  USA ~  Sweden & Denmark ~  Berlin


Street Art in the UK