My Trips Away

Following the events of 2017 where my life took a dramatic change, I decided that I would start to travel the world with my camera, I started with a trip to Cologne with my friend, Jim Lewars, then took my first solo trip to the North of Scotland and Orkney.

Deciding to travel even further afield, I visited STA Travel in Glasgow and had a long chat with Bryan Bradshaw, who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  After giving Bryan a brief outline of my thought I left him to try and create a journey plan.

I returned a few days later and after a fairly long session we came up with the plan for my trip away to Australasia in the autumn of 2018.  This trip and the others are described in greater detail below.

As the Blog page was getting rather long, I decided to create a page specifically for my trips, with a page for each Country or Place I have visited.  Click on the location link to open its page.


  –  Amsterdam  –  Lisbon  –  Australia  –  Singapore


Iceland –  USA  – Sweden & Denmark  –  Berlin  –  Southeast Asia  –  Norway


Cologne  –  North Coast 500  – Singapore  –  Australia  –  New Zealand  –  Fiji  –  Hong Kong

As I spent a great deal of time in both Australia and New Zealand the pages for each Country are rather long.  The pages are laid out in a date format to follow my journey.