About me

I’m Jim Holmes, a retired Engineer, Instructor, Health & Safety Officer, Computer Geek, lover of Craft Beer and lately, passionate about Street art.

My love of travel began when I joined the Merchant Navy in 1969 and travelled the world visiting many far-flung places around the globe.  During that time I introduced my wife Jean to this type of travel when she accompanied me on my final deep sea voyage to South America.  Our love of travel continued throughout our marriage and we visited many places and countries both as a family with our sons Graeme and Craig and as a couple when both boys felt they were too old to travel with us.  Following Jean’s sad death in 2017, I now mainly travel alone visiting the places we loved or to new places we wished to visit together, she is always with me.

My love of photography began in secondary school where I was a member of the camera club, I loved footering about in the darkroom watching the images appear as if by magic in the chemical trays, the magic is still there for me, however now it comes from sophisticated computer software.

The Holmestead was the name we gave to the family home in Craig’s Chronicles, a series weekly newsletters we as a family produced over the years as a means of communicating our life with Craig’s school as Craig was unable to do so himself.  The name means so much to the family, especially following Craig’s sudden death also in 2017.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish for any reason, even if its only for a blether as we say in Scotland.