Southeast Asia

Strayin’ through Asia

This year’s big trip was to Southeast Asia, visiting Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, unfortunately, I was a bit short of time which meant that I was unable to continue the journey through Vietnam unlike many of my fellow travellers.  As this is a part of the world I’ve not been to before, I was really looking forward to seeing it.

Following last years trip to New Zealand with them, I decided to book a Freestyle tour with Stray Asia, this meant that my route was fully planned and all my accommodation was pre-paid and a number of meals and activities were included in the plan.

The map below shows our route, I will add a page for each of the counties I visited en-route, starting with the time I spent in Bangkok at the beginning of my trip, and finish off describing how I ended my trip there too.

Small Mekong Route Map.jpg

I travelled with a great group of people during this trip, some for my full journey and others, due to the Hop-on Hop-off nature of the tour, who were only with us for a short while, the many of the friends I met are shown below. (there are some I never got a photograph of who are not included here but are not forgotten).

Bangkok – Arrival  – North Thailand – Laos – Cambodia – Bangkok – Departure

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