Bangkok – Departure

Siem Reap to Bangkok

Being a bit paranoid about missing the bus and being stuck in Cambodia, I was up with the lark and out of my room in plenty of time, however, the Tuk-tuk driver was late, fortunately, the bus knew we were coming and waited for myself and another guy.  Once at the bus station and we left on time at 8:00, the bus was fairly comfortable and air-conditioned, we were given a bottle of water when we left, but that was all we got until later. We arrived at the Cambodian border post around mid-day and after a kerfuffle with my e-visa, I was let through, we then had to wander across no-mans-land, which this time was full of casinos and hawkers.  During the journey, I saw some interesting loads carried on the back of motorcycles and small trucks, the table and chairs really amused me.

The next stage was entering Thailand at the Poipet border crossing, many people had reported problems at this crossing, but the team running our bus made it all very easy for me, despite me leaving my e-Visa on the bus and having to get into no-mans-land to get it before they would let me leave Cambodia.  Once through, there were massive queues at the Thai immigration post, so I spent around an hour there, once back on the bus I was given a microwaved rice & clam meal and another bottle of water.  The bus then headed on to Bangkok, stopping once for a toilet break.

We eventually arrived in the bus station around 6:00 and after a confusing Tuk-tuk ride through the city, I arrived at the hotel around 6:45, as I had been there before, check-in was easy and I booked into another nice room. I decided that this time I would try to stay away from the usual tourist traps like Khao San Road, so I went for a walk in another direction and found 112 Phra Athit, a nice wee place around the corner from the hotel, to finish off the day.


I decided to see more of the city, so I thought the best way was to use a Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour, it being a Sunday, it took a while to find one, I eventually bought a ticket that would do me for 3 routes for 24 hours, that took care of Sunday during the day and for a good part of the night.  A stroll along the river and another nice meal topped off the day.

Bangkok to Glasgow

I took a wee walk after breakfast then it was back on the bus for a tour of a different part of the city. When my ticket ran out I went to the Stray office, where I was given another massage voucher, which was very refreshing and helped ease off some tension in my shoulder, it was then back down to the riverside to enjoy a few hours relaxing in the park. I had my final Massaman Curry and fresh coconut drink before returning to the hotel to collect my luggage and get my taxi to the airport in a torrential downpour and thunderstorm.

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