Australia 2022

These are stories and photographs of 6 weeks in Australia with my mate, Jim Lewars. It certainly was a great trip, we visited some fantastic places, saw some wonderful sights, met loads of friendly people, ate plenty of good food (and some not so good), sampled the output from quite a few breweries and had loads of laughs along the way. I hope you get as much fun reading about it as we had doing it.

We also added on a stop in Singapore to catch the Formula 1 Grand Prix, we had a great time whilst there, visiting all of the tourist hot spots and seeing some great street art, all in addition to a fabulous time at the race. I’ve added a link to a page all about our time there.

Part 1 – Departure

Part 2 – Melbourne

Part 3 – Melbourne

Part 4 – Sydney & Port Douglas

Part 5 – Port Douglas & Brisbane

Part 6 – Perth


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