Street Art Hong Kong

As a first time visitor to Hong Kong, I admit that I went all touristy, going on the Hop-on-Hop-off buses, taking trips on the trams and the harbour ferries.  I really enjoyed myself and loved the city and the surrounding areas.  As usual, everywhere I went I was on the lookout for street art, with a view to returning to capture some photographs, sometimes I got back, other times I failed, or just plain forgot where I spotted the works.

I did manage to get a fair few photographs of good quality murals, some from the bus, others from the many walks around the city.  I will present some of them here in a gallery style, in no particular order, and I’ll add any known details in the comments for each image.

As you can see from the many photographs I took whilst travelling, there are plenty of stairs and escalators in Hong Kong, I especially like the art added to many of them, some samples are shown below.

While adding these photographs and doing a bit of research into the scene in Hong Kong, it became obvious that there was plenty of street art that I missed, I’ll need to go back someday!

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