Conzo and Glöbel

The Glöbel Brothers, otherwise known as Conzo Throb and Ciaran Glöbel, are a Glasgow-based duo whose public artworks revive the long and venerable tradition of sign painting as can be seen in the iconic banner visible as you enter Glasgow’s Central Station.

Exploring a more contemporary approach to this antiquated craft since 2013, Ciaran is an artist and graphic designer who uses traditional signwriting tools and techniques to produce striking, hand-painted artworks. In his own words, “Tradition and technology don’t have to be mutually exclusive, so while there is a strong foundation of manual skill and draughtsmanship in sign painting today, the use of technology has revolutionised the way in which hand rendered lettering can be achieved.”

Conzo Throb has been creating artworks that span multiple creative disciplines for over a decade and is responsible for the more figurative and character-based elements in the duo’s outdoor artworks.



Much of the above information extracted from Nuart Aberdeen’s recent website, following the creation of their Super Scurry mural on Willowbank Road.

Scottish Weiners for Yardworks 2019


Yardworks Gates 2019


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Lane next to Princes Square on Buchannan Street.

Cresswell lane at De Courcys Arcade

Visit Denniston

Yardworks Govan

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