This page contains photographs of murals attributed to Bobby McNamara aka Rogue-One who has shared credits on many murals in Glasgow with his pal Danny McDermott aka EJEK, apologies if I get it wrong (please let me know of any errors).

Rogue-One is a prolific street artist from Glasgow in Scotland who has been spray painting for over 20 years.  His range of work covers many large-scale murals, and canvases using a variety of mediums. He’s now rated as one of the most famous and talented street artists in Europe.

Yardworks 22
At Yardworks 2022

Belfast 2022

Perseus and the Minotaur – Exchange Place Belfast

Various Glasgow Murals

Travellers on the Clockwork Orange are presented with a great set of Rogue-One’s work Cowcaddens Station, in the shape of his ‘Hand Shadow Puppets’ in the underpass at the station, I wish I had seen this when my sons were younger, I always wanted to create those shapes.

Rogue-One and his pal EJEK were also responsible for a set of what some say are the more memorable of Glasgow’s mural, the Strath Wonder Wall on Strathclyde’s Graham Hills building on George Street.

Rogue-One & EJEK also collaborated on another large scale project at the Clutha Vaults, a fantastic mural on the outside wall, celebrating many of the famous faces that have been associated with the venue. From Alex Harvey, Frank Zappa, and Woody Guthrie to Billy Connolly, Benny Lynch and Stan Laurel, this piece of art highlights the unique people of the city’s history.  A giant 60ft by 40ft mural of Charles Rennie Mackintosh was also recently unveiled at the site as part of celebrations marking 150 years since the architect’s birth.

Few people in Glasgow and around the world will not have heard of  Glasgow-born performer, Billy Connolly, to celebrate his 75th birthday, three large scale portraits by artists Jack Vettriano, John Byrne and Rachel Maclean were created in secret by Rogue-One on walls around the city over a period of months.

On a recent trip to the Mackintosh Church at Queens Cross, I passed Firhill Stadium where Rogue-One has a nice mural on the outside wall of the city end of the stadium. Due to the length of this piece I’ve split it into 2 panoramic shots.

Following the fire at Victoria’s night club on Sauchiehall Street,  Rogue One’s latest piece of art fills the gap left while building work continues.  Catch it while you can as it will disappear when the work is finished.

cats #1.jpg

World Book Day 2013

I hunted out two created by Rogue One to celebrate World Book Day in 2013, the first was in Buckhaven in Fife, where his mate EJEK lent a hand, the other one I found on the library in Bonnybridge.

Bobby’s latest piece is a stunning mural of a girl smelling sunflowers in the Pacitti Community Garden in Kinning Park, near where he stays, the piece named ‘Garden Girl’ is a really nice addition to the project.  I think his work is an improvement of the original.

Almost next door to the Pacitti Gardens is the Old Toll Bar, in the function suite downstairs Bobby has created a homage to some of Glasgow’s great and good, Connolly, Taggart, McAvoy to name a few.

While in Mikaku on Queen St,  for lunch the other day I spotted this nice ‘Blade Runner’ style mural by Bobby, it certainly is worth a look.  The food’s good too. 

2021 Update: the resturaunt has moved further up Queen Street and there is a new mural by Rogue in place.

On a recent visit to the Paisley Road Toll area I popped into the Viceroy bar, another of Bobby’s locals, to see his latest creations, there are some of his pets and I think the girl with the glass is pretty special, the beer was nice too.

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