Mark Worst

When I went to Paisley shortly after the New Year, I felt that I had arrived in Mark Worst territory, almost every mural I came across was his.  I had seen some of his impressive work at SWG3 and next to Rogue-One in the Barras, but I was surprised at the quantity of his work in Paisley.

Most Recent Work

Londonderry-Derry 2022

Paisley Murals

Glasgow Murals

Mark returned to the little bit of spare ground next to Liesureland on Paisley’s High Street to paint a mural depicting his mate Scott, it’s on the wall where he had previously painted a rather mystic fox.  I think Scott should be very happy with the result.

In January this year, I met Mark in SWG3 as he was starting a new portrait in one of the double height containers, he told me he was going to concentrate on this style of work for his large scale murals, over the next couple of months, the weather was a bit cold for the work n metal, but early April saw it completed, I’m sure you’ll agree that it was well worth the wait.

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