Getting back out again

With the weather turning brighter and lockdown being eased slightly, I decided to venture out last week with my camera to see if there was much happening on the street art scene.

My first stop was of course Yardworks at SWG3 where I was not disappointed, I discovered some new pieces by some of my favourite artists, Mark Worst, Rogue One, Chelsea Frew, Artisan Artworks, Conzo & Globel and Smug. This time around though there were some very good pieces by new, to me, artists such as Molly Hankinson, Lightbody107 and David Speed UK.

On the way home from the SWG3, I ventured further towards the East End stopping off at The Barra’s to see the Cobolt Collective’s new foot high mural inspired by Douglas Stuart’s winning novel Shuggie Bain, featuring the line from the book “You’ll not remember the city you were too wee, but there’s dancing. All kinds of dancing”. I then found a newish piece on the side of Barras Art and Design before heading to Dennistoun to capture Conzo & Global’s iconic Visit Dennistoun sign.

A short trip down Abercromby Steet then took me to the stunning and colourful mural by Mark Worst depicting St Thenue, the mother of Glasgow’s patron saint St Mungo, located on a gable at the bottom of the street.

Mark obviously studied the life of St Thenue before starting work on the mural, as he has added many features with strong East End connections. The shawl which St Thenue is wearing features 29 motifs in the fabric – in recognition of the nearby Templetons carpet factory disaster in 1889 when a wall collapsed onto a weaving shed killing 29 young women and girls.

Mark Worst – Abercromby Street

Crossing the river back to the South Side, I came across a nice mural by King Listy, incorporating drawings from the Govanhill Youth Club, representing the importance of the younger generation in the fight against racism. The mural is located at the new Govanhill People’s Pantry on on Carfin Street at Cathcart Road.

My next stop on the way home was at Lochleven Road at Battlefield Road, where a ‘Barrowlands’ themed mural has appeared on the side wall of the Common Ground Café, created by @scottishgraffitimurals, it certainly bring a bit of colour to the area. Just along the way at Battlefield Avenue is a mural tribute to the NHS on the side of the All Floors Carpet shop, I don’t know who painted that one.

That’s all I’ve got for today, during the weekend I was drawn to Shawlands where I took plenty of photographs, I will upload them later in the week.

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