Shawlands Art Trail – Updated

I took another trip to Shawlands today to catch up with some new pieces added since my last visit and I wasn’t disappointed, the final blank space on Shawlands Continental wall on Frankfort Street was painted over with a nice cartoon image from PizzaBoy, whilst at the rear of the Shawlands Arcade, BoxVincent applied his wonderful calligraphy technique to two walls with a quote from local Shawlands lad John Martyn’s song ‘May you Never’, ‘Love is a lesson to learn in our time’.

There was much excitement on Kilmarnock Road outside ORO whilst I was there, especially when the school let out, as TheLocaleJoshua and BossCityTaio were painting a giant gorilla they’ve named ‘King Kovid’, this sculpture is being prepared for ORO’s full opening, it certainly is colourful.

I have updated the Mural Trail map to add these locations, the map is here.

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