Clutha Vaults 2021

I know I may be a bit late posting these images taken at the Clutha Vaults in Glasgow, but due to lockdowns, it was over a year since I had ventured into that part of the city. It was sad to see the old portraits go, but as they had deteriorated so much it really was time for them to change.

The new ones, the Glasgow Faces, were added in July 2020, by a band of Glasgow’s talented artists, namely Ejek, Michael Corr, Little Book Transfers, Claudine O’Sullivan, Michelle Campbell, Rogue-One, Coll Hamilton, Jody Kelly, Christian Kerr, and Robotic Ewe, they all certainly add a great deal to the Bridgegate corner. One that really caught my fancy was Michelle Campbell’s clever geometric portrait, when I looked at it straight on all I could see were random shapes, looked at through my camera the face appeared, it’s spectacular.

It was also good to see Rogue-One’s portrait of Charles Rennie Mackintosh sporting his face mask. My only disappointment was that the pub was shut.

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