Dumbarton Rocks

I have recently acquired a new zoom lens for my Olympus camera (second hand), and I wanted to try it out so as it was a sunny day, I decided to head down to the coast, namely Helensburgh.  The lens performed wonderfully and it looks like I will enjoy using it on my travels.

On my way to Helensburgh, I had to pass through Dumbarton, I was keeping my eyes peeled looking for where we’re starting our Kilt Walk on 28th April, I never found the park, but I did come across some good quality street art by a local lad, going under the handle of ‘Barry the Cat’.  I first spotted it on the wall of the Vault 94 Atomic Diner at the corner of Glasgow Road and Victoria Street, there is even more on display inside.  The diner staff told me all about Barry and where to find some more of his work.  There is also another on the wall of the laundrette on the opposite corner.  I have since discovered that Barry painted the little mural in Battlefield that I pass regularly and I have seen some of his work in SWG3.

The Vault 94 Atomic Diner looks like a great place to visit, good looking food and very friendly and helpful staff.

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