Journey Finished

For those who like to follow my travels and those who travelled with me recently in Southeast Asia, I have now completed my journal for my time there.  I have tried to remember everything we did during our time together and I have included many photographs, I’m sure I missed out many things and memories and I’m willing to add anything that my fellow travellers remind me of.

You can read all about our travels here.

As usual, during my trip I also took some street art photographs, I will add them to a separate page at a later date.


Homeward Bound

Well, that’s me at the end of my trip to South East Asia, I’m currently in Bangkok airport waiting to board my flight home. I think the city wanted to say goodbye to me in a fitting manner, I drove to the airport during a massive thunderstorm and torrential rain.


I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’ve enjoyed myself immensely, more than I thought I would, however, it’s time to come home and spend a bit of time recharging my batteries before my next trip.

While I’m at home, I will update my site with all my stories and photographs of the trip, there have been many requests from my fellow travellers to see it, and too bring back so many memories.  During the last couple of days wandering the city, I did manage to find some street art, these are just off the top of the pile, there are much better pieces to follow.

Chiang Mai

20191003_142015Chiang Mai was a great place to visit, and I did loads during the time we were there. We ate some great food, went to a Thai boxing contest, saw a Lady Boy cabaret show and had a day in an elephant sanctuary, where we fed, bathed and washed the elephants and rolled around in the mud with them. There was also some good street art on display in the city.




Bangkok to Chiang Mai

I have now left Bangkok on the next stage off my trip. I met up with the rest of our small group, and last night we took the night train to Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand.   The journey was interesting to say the least.

The train was very clean and efficiently run and shortly after we left Bangkok an attendant changed or seats into reasonably comfortable beds, however I didn’t get much sleep during the night.

Now that we are out of Bangkok and are in the more rural north, I hope to see more of the true Thailand.  I did discover that they quite like street art in Chiang Mai, but it was a bit unfortunate that I was too late to take a Bicycle Tour around it when we arrived, I did manage to find some during my walk around town though.


At the start of this year’s big trip, I arrived in Bangkok an was picked up and taken to my hotel, which is near the middle of the tourist area of Khaosan road. As expected it is very warm and humid.I expect to take plenty of photographs while here and I will only post one or two on the blog, leaving the rest for a dedicated page on the site later.I did find a little piece of street art outside my hotel, it has quite a simple style.