Bangkok to Chiang Mai

I have now left Bangkok on the next stage off my trip. I met up with the rest of our small group, and last night we took the night train to Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand.   The journey was interesting to say the least.

The train was very clean and efficiently run and shortly after we left Bangkok an attendant changed or seats into reasonably comfortable beds, however I didn’t get much sleep during the night.

Now that we are out of Bangkok and are in the more rural north, I hope to see more of the true Thailand.  I did discover that they quite like street art in Chiang Mai, but it was a bit unfortunate that I was too late to take a Bicycle Tour around it when we arrived, I did manage to find some during my walk around town though.

One thought on “Bangkok to Chiang Mai

  1. Great Jim.    Really liked the elephants.       I’m in Dumfries for the day.  In. Wetherspoons.    Hope your clothes are lasting !   Enjoy 👏

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