Berlin Day 2

I had a leisurely stroll into town for breakfast before heading to the meeting place for the street art walking tour I was going on, on the way I decided to go on one of the bike tours of the city, so I booked a 3hr one for Saturday morning.  The street art tour was very good and the workshop which followed was great fun, we got a chance to create our own stencil then used a few different techniques to create our own piece of ‘art’, our guide Alex was very knowledgeable and entertaining.  In the evening I visited the East Side Gallery where there is a graffiti painted stretch of the wall,  usual I took a great many photographs, these and more details of my day will be found on the relevant sections later.

Iceland Trip

I’ve just returned from a trip to Iceland with my friend Jim Lewars, we had great fun exploring the city, visiting many of its famous sights. We also went on a couple of tours, one around the golden Circle and another out to see the Northern Lights.  While there I also took many photographs of the Street Art in the city, so much that it will take me a little longer to post the images on the site.

You can read about our trip and see our photographs here.