Back on the street again

Once I had recovered from my month long stint at the EUROs, I headed back into town to see if anything new had appeared on the city walls, as usual I was not surprised to find some gems. There was a nice portrait by Frodrik hidden behind some bins in a doorway on Hope Street, I quickly removed the bins, took my photograph and replaced the bins, I then cut down Bath Lane heading to the Raven when I spotted a nice piece by Negativedestination, quite a new and prolific artist on the Glasgow scene, his colourful work is instantly recognisable.

My wanderings then took me to the Broomielaw via Mitchell lane where I stopped for a pint in Bar Tabac, to find a new work next to Klingatron’s Glasgow Panda, I admit that I don’t know who the guy with the headphones is or who painted it, but it is very good. I was also impressed with the little portrait on the walkway on the Broomielaw, it was a pearl that stood out amongst the tagging and graffiti taking over the area, again, as yet, I don’t know the artist who created it.

My next trip out saw me stopping off at the Barn at the Crossroads in the Gorbals to see a brilliant new piece by EJEK98 who paints there regularly and holds art classes for the kids who attend, this piece which Danny describes as ” This mural depicts the second asteroid floating in space with a highland coo relaxing, soaking in the space springs, surrounded by bonsais and magical botanics”.  Again I was surprised to see another colourful work by Negativedirection.  I did notice that a lot of the walls around it were cleared and painted white, I wonder if they are getting ready for some new work by the kids.

Then it was up to Shawlands to see if there were any additions to the Shawlands Art Trail, I wasn’t disappointed, at the back of the Shawlands Arcade pupils from Shawlands Academy were hard at work on two nice murals depicting an underwater scenes, when asked, their teacher explained that their theme was to highlight diversity and strength, something they see in Shawlands every day. It was good to see Gazmac, Frodrik and Mack Colours there to lend a hand and to provide guidance where needed. Just along the road from them at the car park entrance Boiiing was creating a colourful piece with lyrics from the old Will Fyffe song “Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl” The square in front of the Langside halls was also brightened up with the presence of two giant yellow deck chairs and some of the street furniture were given a makeover by @alicesillustrations, one explained a bit of the history of the halls and how it was dismantled, moved from the city centre and reconstructed on its present location in 1902-03.

I went back down to Shawlands later in the week to see a couple of nice images by a pair of guy who are starting to collaborate more and more these days,  Frodrik’s signature monochrome on gold was evident in his pair of hands at the corner of Minard Road and Pollockshaws Road, while another of Mack Colours fantastically colourful birds was on display further along Pollockshaws Road opposite the bowling club.

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