James Klinge

Now working under his own name, James Klinge (aka “Klingatron”) continues his collaboration with Art Pistol whilst demonstrating the same attention to detail through his distinctive use of intricate stencil technique. However, he has now chosen to progress his subject matter towards portraiture, a trend which has been showcased in a number of exhibitions around the world.

As Klingatron


He decided to unmask himself and use his real name after unveiling his latest artwork called ‘Sitting Woman in Black’, which features the artist’s friend.

James, who uses stencils and spray paint, also has works on the walls of Mitchell Lane and a cityscape in the city’s Saltmarket.

Now, the talented artist has dropped the Klingatron name as he is taking a different direction.


Video of James talking about the Tiger here

February 2019 – New Study of a Woman in Black finished in Royal Exchange Square, a really nice study in a quiet little lane off the northern side of the Square.


2019 Midland Street Glasgow

Came across these 6excellent murals by James in the tunnel in Midland Street, you can certainly see his photorealistic style developing.

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Cleopatra drinking Brandy with a Pearl on Eastvale Place as part of a Mini Yardworks in 2021

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