Glasgow street artist Danny McDermott aka EJEK, a long time friend and collaborator of Bobby McNamara aka Rogue-One, is another prolific creator of murals and artwork in and around Glasgow.  He is one of the emblematic figures of Urban art in Great Britain and one of the leaders of the Street art and graffiti scene in Glasgow and he has painted around the world, in France, New York and he is a frequent visitor to Barcelona in Spain.

He believes in inspiring today’s youth, with animation workshops 3 or 4 times a week with children in the Gorbals area of Glasgow.  His objectives are to teach painting and drawing and also to pass to the younger generation a sensitivity towards the passion of street art.  As you stroll around the area you can see many examples of his work and visual signs of his commitment to the people, especially the youth of the area.

Recent Works


EJEK recently paid an amazing tribute to the late, great Stan Lee who sadly died in November 2018, with a colourful heartfelt memorial mural.  The mural features Lee’s grinning face surrounded by the Marvel superheroes he helped create.  He also recently painted one of his signature Thermal images of a Raven on the side wall of my favourite pub, the Raven on Renfield Street.


Here’s a couple of little murals Danny does in Ad Lib in Hope Street.


EJEK and Rogue-One were responsible for a set of what some say are the more memorable of Glasgow’s murals, the Strath Wonder Wall on Strathclyde’s Graham Hills building on George Street.


During a recent visit to Paisley, I discovered a lane which reminded me of my time in Melbourne’s famous lanes with plenty of murals of the AC/DC musicians. In Paisley, it was the turn of Gerry Rafferty, Joe Egan, Paulo Nutini and Billy Connolly (he was one of the Humblebums), their murals graced the walls of Browns Lane and pretty spectacular they are too.  Back in Glasgow, I found another of EJEK’s musicians, this time Johnny Cash greeting visitors to Ad Lib in Hope Street.


A recent find of mine was a mural of a row of shops by EJEK on the wall alongside the Baby Grand Bar & Grill on Elmbank Gardens, these are not the best photographs I’ve taken, so I will need to go back to take better ones.

As I noticed with many of his previous murals, EJEK likes to be involved in community projects, the mural shown here is on Paisley Road West in Cardonald and was created by EJEK and Rogue-One with support from South Cardonald and Crookston Community Council, the design for the mural came from pupils at the local schools.


Danny’s piece for Yardworks 2019 was another of his thermal images, this time of a large eagle, I’m really impressed by how Danny can achieve these images.

2019 The Raven Renfield Street Glasgow


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