Yardworks Mini Fest (& more)

On Sunday, 1st of August, Yardworks held a mini event in the Yard to showcase some of their engagement with local communities through interactive workshops and digital design with young people. During the weekend and for some time beforehand, various local graffiti artists, writers and street artists have been involved, painting mind-blowing large productions and stand-alone walls in the yard and on Eastvale Place itself. The face painting, music, food, drinks and interactive artworks on a large screen all made for a great day out.

In the Yard we had workshops teaching kids to paint on a huge Yardworks sign, assisted by the SWG3 crew including Frodrik and the Guzler, there pieces by The Notorious Gasoline Company, with posters created by Ciaran Glöbel, Tragic O’Hara and Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng at the from recent Workshops held as part of Yardworks Govan on display, Ciaran’s posters, displaying his signwriting skills, highlighted Govan and it’s working class history. Tragic O’Hara’s posters however showed some Heath Robinson-esque elaborate machines built to achieve simple objectives. Ursula’s monochrome posters represented messages of the unity and kindness displayed by many of the Govan female role models such as Mary Barbour and Louisa Jordan.

On Eastvale Place many new works were taking place during the day, there are a couple of good collaborations with one from Frodrik and Mack Colours, who have worked with each other in the past (see linked video), and another from Lightbody107 together with Box Vincent, in both cases the collaborations works well with each artists work complementing the other.

On one wall seven artists, including TKO and Boss City Taio, worked together to create a spectacular display demonstrating how well their individual style can combine to produce harmony.

Individual pieces by King Listy, Alko187, The Guzler and an outstanding wall by James Klinge which tells the tale of Cleopatra seducing the Roman General Marc Anthony by dissolving a pearl from an earring in a glass of wine and then drinking it to demonstrate her indifference to riches.

It all helped turn the street into a riot of colour.

The (rather poor) panorama below should give an indication of how colourful the street looks at the moment, as you can see, there are some blank spaces, so watch this space. While in Eastvale Place it’s always good to pop into Yard Life the urban arts gallery for Glasgow’s street art community where you will find large-scale prints, tiny objects, scrawled illustrations, aerosol masterpieces, and art of all shapes and forms, all designed and created by artists with street art and graffiti roots .

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