City Wander

An unexpected 10k wander around the city yesterday led me to different sources of artwork and some chats with good people. I haven’t created a map for this wander as it was totally unorganised and very random, you can follow my rambling and see the photographs here.

A walk in the park

With nothing to do in the city yesterday, I decided to keep the exercise regime going with a 10km walk in the park. Taking a stroll Eastwards from the Clarkston Road entrance to Linn Park, I took a long way round to take some photographs of the waterfall in full flow.

On my way around I spotted a glimpse of some colour on the opposite Western bank, so after crossing the Snuff Mill bridge I headed back towards the waterfall and managed to find a nice new work by EJEK and his Spanish pal, Che-Boxem, I was drawn towards the area by the sight of a couple of mushrooms painted on an old wall, I also got my waterfall photograph.