Street Art Paisley

For this trail, I took a train from Glasgow Central to Paisley Gilmour Street, then followed the route shown below, before returning to Glasgow by train.  An interactive map can be accessed here.

my route

I was given a heads up to a couple of pieces of street art in Paisley from Briony and from Graeme’s pal Stephen Frew so off I headed, to Paisley Gilmour Street Station, where I photographed the first of the murals, ‘Welcome to Paisley’ created by local artist Caroline Gormley and Sandy Guy.

Leaving the station behind I cut through New Sneddon Street onto Niddry Street where I found a really pretty painting of a Japanese geisha girl on the wall of the Japan Street Food restaurant at the corner of Renfrew Road.

Continuing down Renfrew Road into Lawn Street led me to ‘And Breathe’, by Paisley artist Paisley Duncan Wilson, I actually went around the corner into the carpark to get a better view.

Continuing down Lawn Street onto Gauze Street and the High Street heading for Storie Street and ‘The Buddie’ mural I spotted a fine painting of a cockerel on the wall of the Paisley Rotisserie, and across the street in a little garden a fine picture of a fox.  On the way back up Storie Street I spied a few murals in the beer garden of De Beers pub on the corner, although it was early morning and I wasn’t ready for a pint, the friendly staff allowed me through the back to take some photographs, it looked like my kind of pub so I may stop off another time for a pint.

Back onto the High Street, I continued to Lady Lane where I was expecting to see a mural on the side of the Co-Op Funeral services building, as I continued down the lane I discovered another mural of some children playing with toys.

At this point I got a little lost, as I took a wrong right turn into George Street, it was quite fortunate as I discovered a couple of murals by local artist DEV, next to a coachworks building.

Returning along George Street, this time in the correct direction, I turned into George Place and onto Browns Lane, where there are a plethora of good quality murals, some depicting the local St Mirren football team and others depicting local musicians, like Gerry Rafferty, the Humblebums and Paolo Nutini, there are even ones with John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Gerry Rafferty, Joe Egan and Billy Connolly.

Leaving the Lane behind I took a right turn into Causeyside Street then Johnston Street to photograph the Kingfisher mural by Mark Worst, there was another interesting mural next to the Kingfisher. I then wandered to the Lonend passing the old Mill and the Morrisons store to Blackhall Street to photograph the mural of blogger Jamie Genevieve by DEV.

I then headed back to the station to catch a train for the 15-minute journey back to Glasgow Central.

I enjoyed my time in Paisley, seeing plenty of new large-scale work by Mark Worst and discovering an artist new to me in Shaun Deveney aka DEV.  Unfortunately, I had taken a wide angle lens with me to try out so there is a little barrel distortion on the images, I may go back later to retake the photographs.

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