City Rambling

I went into Glasgow yesterday to visit the Mitchell Library and got a little waylaid, as I got off the #4 bus on Bath Street at the Kings Theatre I went for a nosey down the lanes in the area and ended up on Elmbank Gardens where there is a fabulous mural of a row of shops by EJEK on the wall alongside the Baby Grand Bar & Grill, I took a series of photographs but I’ll go back with a wide angle lens and try to get better ones.

The Mitchell was then out of my mind and I headed along St Vincent Street to take some photographs of the Charles Rennie Macintosh statue there, on the way there I clocked another fine Chelsea Frew Auchentoan sponsored mural at the rear of the Bon Accord pub on Cleveland Street. Once on Argyle Street and after taking the required CRM photographs, I continued towards SWG3 for a coffee only to be stopped in my tracks by the sight of an obvious piece of work by Smug on the walls and shutters of Custom Inc tattoo shop, I went in and had a chat with one of the guys (I didn’t catch his name but it turns out he is a mate of Smug’s and featured on one of his murals in Leicester) and took a photograph of another piece on the back wall of the studio.

I eventually reached SWG3 to find it closed but I met up with Paul (aka Sapien), a guy I had met last year, he and a few others were working on some pieces on the walls of the yard, no doubt practising for this year’s Yardworks.

After a return to the city on the Subway, I went to the Merchant Square for a blether with Andy Hurst of Hidden Hand Art & Design before returning home, on the way to the bus stop I tried to find another piece by Fuse on Queen Street, I wasn’t successful, but did see an interesting mural, commemorating the Clash by Devo on the entrance to the Soho bar on Miller Street.  I then popped into Ad Lib on Hope Street to capture an image of a mural by EJEK of someone who looks like Johnny Cash giving the finger, this one replaced one of Marilyn Monroe he painted earlier but I was too slow to capture.

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