Berlin Day 5

A much quieter and relaxing day today, I discovered an app which showed a great number of Berlin’s mural and how to get to them, using the time left tome I went out into the suburbs at the Western Edge of the city to see and photograph the large scale murals at Tegel, 8 murals by artists such as Fintan Magee, PixelPancho, The London Police Borondo and Herakut.  The works are on the ends of 4 high rise buildings situated near Lake Tegel and it was nice just sitting, soaking up some sunshine by the lake.  Back in the city I caught some more photographs from my list before returning to the accommodation to have a rest and to pack my case for the morning.

I finished off the day by going up the TV Tower in Alexanderplatz, which was OK, but not the most impressive tower I’ve been to recently. A nice meal and a beer, in the Standige Vertretung Restaurant topped of a good day.

Berlin day 4

A different sort of day today, and the main reason I came to Berlin, I was away to the Olympic Stadium volunteering at the ISTAF athletics event being held there.  The stadium was extremely interesting and architecture is stunning, there are panels all around telling the story of how it was built and of Some of the events held there in the past, it made for fascinating reading.

Again I met some really nice people and I enjoyed my time there and would more than likely do it again next year.  The athletics were also very good.  By the time I returned to it city it was time for dinner so I popped back to Friedrichstrasse andthe Berliner Republik and Brokers Beirorse,the food, beer and atmosphere just suited my mood.

Berlin Day 2

I had a leisurely stroll into town for breakfast before heading to the meeting place for the street art walking tour I was going on, on the way I decided to go on one of the bike tours of the city, so I booked a 3hr one for Saturday morning.  The street art tour was very good and the workshop which followed was great fun, we got a chance to create our own stencil then used a few different techniques to create our own piece of ‘art’, our guide Alex was very knowledgeable and entertaining.  In the evening I visited the East Side Gallery where there is a graffiti painted stretch of the wall,  usual I took a great many photographs, these and more details of my day will be found on the relevant sections later.