Berlin day 4

A different sort of day today, and the main reason I came to Berlin, I was away to the Olympic Stadium volunteering at the ISTAF athletics event being held there.  The stadium was extremely interesting and architecture is stunning, there are panels all around telling the story of how it was built and of Some of the events held there in the past, it made for fascinating reading.

Again I met some really nice people and I enjoyed my time there and would more than likely do it again next year.  The athletics were also very good.  By the time I returned to it city it was time for dinner so I popped back to Friedrichstrasse andthe Berliner Republik and Brokers Beirorse,the food, beer and atmosphere just suited my mood.

One thought on “Berlin day 4

  1. Looks and sounds great Jim. I would loved to have been there . I’m now packed aNd leaving today for Spain. Will keep in touch when and if I have internet.

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