My time in Perth

Tuesday 4th September 2018

On landing I was met by Betty and her daughter Adrienne who drove us back to Betty’s home around 1:00 in the morning, after Adrienne left, Betty and I sat and had a good old chinwag until it was too late to go to bed, after breakfast we weren’t for a stroll around the nearby park.  In the afternoon we went to the local shopping mall where I purchased a SIM card for my phone and had a coffee in the mall, the coffee bar had a really good piece of wall art to add interest to a plain area.  After dinner, we sat and chatted some more and had a few glasses of wine before eventually hitting the sack.


Wednesday 5th September 2018

An Early start in the morning and using public transport we went to Fremantle where we visited Adrienne’s husband Craig’s camera shop before a trip around town to see some really good street art. Before leaving Fremantle we visited the Little Creatures Brewery for a drink.  Back on the train to Perth the on to Balvidis where we went to the local German beer house called Brotzeit, for dinner and a pint, then we strolled home tired after a busy day.


Thursday 6th September 2018

Today we visited Perth where we took a trip on the sightseeing bus, we started upstairs but had to go down as it was a bit too cold. We got off the bus at the Botanical Gardens where we had a nice wander around and stopped for lunch. The bus then took us back into town stopping at various tourist spots. I took plenty of photographs of street art as I went.

We returned home tired (especially Betty) and finished the night off with a few glasses of wine.

Friday 7th September 2018

Today Betty stayed at home whilst I went into the city to take part in a street art walking tour arranged through the tourist information centre. I had to put on my jacket as there was a strong possibility of rain. I enjoyed my tour of the city and stopped off for lunch in Wolf Lane before another wander through the city. I had a pint before heading home on the train.

While in the city I took a great many photographs of the street art in the many lanes running through the city, these photographs are shown in the Street Art Around the World page, but I have included some that were within the malls here.

In the evening Adrienne and her husband Craig came to dinner and we had an enjoyable night chatting away and having a few glasses of wine, Craig had also brought over some Bunderberg Rum for me to try

10 Saturday 8th September 2018

As I had had a busy time since I’d left home I decided to stay at home and have a rest, I think Betty needed a rest too, so we decided not to go to Rotness Island as planned. In the afternoon I strolled up to the local shops to buy some sunscreen and insect repellent. Once home again, we sat and chatted and had a look at some old family photographs, and I set Betty’s computer up for her family tree software, dinner and an early bed as I had my flight at 6:00 am.


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