Mural Trail #4 updated

Today I popped into the Crossroads at the Barn youth centre in Abbotsford Place, where I had previously taken some photographs of work by EJEK (Danny McDermott).

I had noticed this new work, a portrait of Stan Lee, with his character creations, as I passed on a bus which had been diverted due to roadworks.  Seeing it up close, it really is a great piece of work, Danny’s skill as an artist is exceptional.

While I chatting to Katy and the staff at the centre, I managed to solve a riddle that had been puzzling me for some years.  All around the Gorbals and Southside, I noticed a symbol painted on walls, shop fronts and on the Gorbals Men’s Shed gates, it turned out that it called The Glasgow Venus, which is a cultural artefact in design, created by Luis MaGill an over 60s Scotish artist, residing in Glasgow’s Southside, I found a set of his work on Laurieston Road, behind the Brazen Head public-house, which unfortunately has been tagged over leaving only little bits visible.

I have added these photographs onto the Mural Trail #4 Page

I also recently added a gallery of outstanding figurative paintings by James Klinge in East Kilbride, they can be seen here.  I’ve also added a page showing the cheerful and bright mural at Rutherglen Station, clicking on the links will take you there.

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