East Kilbride

Earlier this year I paid a visit to East Kilbride today to meet up with a long-lost relative (to me anyway) for a coffee and a blether, and as I was a bit early, I drifted up the Southgate ramp from the Plaza, towards the library and as I was walking up the ramp towards it I noticed a series of, you’ve guessed it, murals painted onto the boarding on the empty shop units.

They are the work of another of Glasgow’s leading street artists, James Klinge from Shawlands, renowned for some of the city’s finest street art under his old alias Klingatron, this collection of outstanding figurative paintings has been there since April 2017, I must have passed them often and never noticed.

There were originally 12, but unfortunately one of the units has opened so now there are 11, I daresay that as more shop open we will lose more of the murals.  The model is thought to be James’ wife, his muse.