Little Book Transfers

Little Book Transfers is an all-female art and design collective from Glasgow consisting of visual arts graduates Nikki McGuigan, Mairi Hutchison and Hollie Russell.

As I travel around Glasgow, their work appears almost everywhere I go, from wanders around Charing Cross, the Barras and Paisley, I even found some of their work in one of my favourite haunts, Drygate Brewery.

The murals below are part of the “STALK” series of murals by them on the pedestrian bridge pillars at Charing Cross

Some of the indoor designs at Barras Art and Design.

Found some of their work on shop fronts in Paisley, it certainly a great deal better than empty shops I think I may have to go back to take some more of these.

I was at a gig at Drygate and as I went to put my coat away I was met with this fine piece.

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