Guido Van Helten

Known around the world for his large-scale, mainly monochrome, site-specific murals, Guido van Helten is an Australian artist whose breathtaking portraits adorn the walls in many cities.

Working in a photorealistic style, the highly talented artist creates delicate and elegant pieces paying attention to detail and where possible incorporating specific local details into his work as can be seen in the mural he completed in connection with the 2014 Commonwealth Games.  One on Wilson Street in the Merchant City depicts Kieran Merrilees, the no.1 Scottish Badminton player while a further 3 at Partick Station show Nicola Skrastin who plays hockey for Scotland, Lynsey Gallagher from the netball team, and rugby sevens player Colin Gregor.

NB June 2022 the Commonwealth Games mural have now been replaced

Another mural by Guido commemorates the 1915 rail disaster, at Quintinshill near Gretna, the worst train disaster in British railway history left over 200 men from the 1/7th Royal Scots dead.  This ‘Leith Battalion’ trained at the Drill Hall on Dalmeny Street, Guido’s mural, along the side of the old shooting gallery, is of J. Mculloch, a survivor of the Gretna rail disaster.

Guido in Reykjavik

Guido in Straat Amsterdam

Untitled portrays Peter Hoogewerf, a central figure in the development of STRAAT. The background is an unusual aspect of this artwork since it was primed with locally sourced sand, aiming to give the canvas a similar look to a concrete wall.

Guido Van Helten – Untitled – 2017

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