Street Art South Island

Apart from Christchurch, and to some extent Greymouth, I didn’t find much street art in the South Island, perhaps this was due to the locations I visited.  I will add the photographs of those I did find here, Christchurch, and Greymouth will each have their own separate sections


As I was taking a stroll with Michael Chen to the Westport Brewery, I discovered these interesting murals.


I didn’t much in the way of murals while wandering around town, most of what I discovered was real street art, images painted onto the street surface, I especially liked the Zebra Crossing.

I did enjoy seeing various works of Jelly Belly art at the Skyline Queenstown Jelly Belly Store. These masterpieces had been painstakingly created entirely out of Jelly Beans, there was a replica of American Gothic recreated with over 17,000 Jelly Beans and Frodo from Lord of the Rings boasting over 11,500 beans.


On our way to and from Stewart Island, we passed through Tuatapere, a small rural town and Bluff ferry terminal.  In Tuatapere the public toilet building was a great surprise, and I don’t know the story behind the series of photographs on the old New Zealand Shipping Company Store, I took from the bus while passing through Bluff.

Passing Through

The following photographs were taken in Cornwell, Lake Tekapo and Ashburton as we were heading North to Christchurch.

Christchurch more than compensated for the shortage of street on display, or found by me, in the South Island, so much so that it warranted a page of its own.

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