Fae Fife

Following on from my International Woman’s Day post, I was reminded that World Book Day was last Thursday (7th March) so as it was a nice sunny day and as I had to pop up to Glenrothes for a meeting with an old work colleague I decided to hunt out some books on walls, rather than indoors in libraries, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I hunted out two created by Rogue One to celebrate World Book Day in 2013, the first was in Buckhaven in Fife, where his mate EJEK lent a hand, the other one I found on the library in Bonnybridge.

You can see how the Buckhaven Mural was created in this video and the Bonnybridge Mural in this video.

While in the Fife area, I discovered work by a local Fife artist Kerry Wilson, a large mural in Cowdenbeath depicting the areas link to mining and some fun pieces on a couple of Glenrothes’ underpasses.

Watch the Cowdenbeath Mural creation here.

It was quite fortunate to finish off in Bonnybridge as I was able to visit my niece Lesley, who lives there, for a coffee and a blether before heading home, it was great to meet up with her and her family and to catch up with all the latest news.

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