A little Hamlet Moment

I was in Glasgow yesterday to catch up with Graeme over a few beers in the Raven, one of my favourite haunts.  On the way up Renfield Street, I stepped into Renfield Lane to avoid  a large puddle and spotted this intriguing little piece of street art:


I have since discovered that it was created in 2013 by Peter Drew, a freelance arts writer and street artist, who was born in Adelaide and is currently living in Glasgow.  This piece is one of sixteen pieces depicting a complete soliloquy from Hamlet, I have seen the others online, now I have the challenge of finding them and photographing them.

Another surprise from the visit was the discovery that the Raven had commisioned the prolific Glasgow street artist Danny McDermott, aka EJEK, to create a thermal image styled Raven on the side wall of the pub in Bath Lane.

EJEK is a major Street Artist in Glasgow, most people will know his work with Rogue One, on the Clutha bar immortalising celebrities including Spike Milligan, Jimmy Reid, Billy Connolly.


I don’t want to stray into Briony’s Glasgow Food Blog area by starting to review pubs and restaurants, but for me, the Raven deserves a review.

I’m regularly in the Raven for a few pints and a bite to eat  with my friend Jim, it’s our main meeting place, we say we’ll start there then move on, only we rarely move on, the range of beers is excellent, the food is good and the place is always clean and tidy, plus the staff are always pleasant, they have got to know us and our preference for certain types of beer and are always happy to suggest suitable brews.  I would go as far as to say it’s my local in the city centre.


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