Cutting News

Since my last post, I have been working away bringing the site up to date, mainly adding more photographs and tidying up the Glasgow mural trail and the Australia sections, so far I have added 2 of my trails and I’m working on the others.  I’ve taken so many photographs recently, it’s difficult to decide which to cut out.

While out and about last week I came across Rogue One’s latest piece of art in the gap left in Sauchiehall Street where Victorias went on fire, I have included one of the images here, the rest will be on the Glasgow Street Art section in due course.

cats #1
Hoarding on Sauchiehall Street, at the site of Victoria’s Night Club which recently went on fire.

As I had been travelling like a new age hippie over the past few months I thought it was time for me to visit Sharon, in Eaglesham, my friendly barber for a trim, as usual, she did a great job, that’s me sorted until the new year.

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