Urban Art – Bergen

After our cruise, we had decided to stay in Bergen for another day and had booked into a nice hotel in the centre of the city.  Once we had booked, in we took a stroll to get our bearings ending up in the  Christmas Market at the side of the lake, and noticing a stall selling prints of street art, I had a chat with the girl on duty, who pointed out some good locations for street art, off I headed off in search of it, I did find some great looking pieces, but despite it being the early afternoon it was relatively dark, making it harder to take the pictures.  In the morning I took the chance to revisit them to try to take better photographs, I will name the artists in the comments of each photograph where possible.

Here are some of my night time shots, the main one, which I’ve used as the header to this page can be seen at the rear of the Bergen Kunsthall, is a collaboration between artists Bares and Yasja Ligtelijn painted portraits over a background decorated by Tegson and Norge 1927.

The next day I discovered that the city certainly to offer:

There even seemed to be a bit of a legal wall down by the docks:

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