Borås ~ The Artful City

I was happy to discover that Borås was a treasure trove of street art in Sweden, they are very passionate about art in the city and there is a biennial street art festival called “No limit Borås” which has been held since 2014, this has given the city one of the finest collections of world-class murals in a small area of the world.

For the athletics championships in the Ryavallen Athletics Stadium, Sweden’s largest mural at over 950m² of the stadium wall was created by American artist Shai Dahan, who now lives in Borås. In September 2017, Shai painted an 18 meter mural of Swedish football player Anders Svensson on the outdoor walls of IF Elfsborg Arena. The Mural was created to honour Svensson for his long career in football.

Shai Dahan


No Limit Borås

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