Melbourne Street Art – Frankston

On our return from our visit to Richmond, Pat, Kay and I stopped off in the suburb of Black Rock, the venue where Graeme and Briony had their Australian wedding ceremony in True South.  We stopped there to see a rather spectacular piece of artwork by Julian Clavijo,  who was born in Colombia but has been living and working in Melbourne since 2008. This piece is titled “Back to Land” and was completed in May 2018.

After we had visited the Classic Car Show at Beaumaris, we all visited Frankston, mainly to get my weird ‘Red Eye’ checked out at the Optometrist in town, Andrew and Sheree found us a car park where we found a large collection of very nice murals.

Our next stop was the Frankston Library, where I was impressed by not only the excellent literary-themed artwork on the building and surrounding area but also the library itself, it’s opening hours and the range of books and media it stocks, they even stock a Sci-fi novel by an author named Patrick Cullin that I have been searching for quite some time.

Alice in Wonderland provided the theme for the next set of paintings:

Followed by scenes from famous ballets:

Finally, to top off our visit to the area we went to see the recent work by my favourite, Smug who recently made his way to Australia to paint a large new piece on the streets of Frankston.  After a few days of work, the end result is as good as usual with Smug simply stunning everyone with this massive skeleton and his tiny bird friend.

Admittedly the content of this mural has divided locals, it has attracted a positive response from many on social media, but the local paper, the Frankston Leader, reports some residents believe it is “grotesque” and even “frightening to children”.

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