Day 1

I had a great day out at Yardworks today, helped by the beautiful weather.  It was great to see so many of the established Glasgow Artists and the many visitors to the city, many for the first time, anyone who attended will agree that GazMac has assembled a really good collection of artists this year.

Today was mainly preparation and first stages but I was very impressed by Rogue’s Boba Fett, EJEK’s thermal eagle, Barry Neeson’s 3D sculpture, Barry the Cat, a wonderful portrait by Mark Worst and the first class offering by Smug.


I was impressed by the number of girls working this year, they have a prime location as you enter the yard, with some great work by Mademoiselle Maurice, Rachel E Miller, Shona Hardie and Miss U, and the Cobolt Collective.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow to see the finished articles, I just hope the weather holds out.

Day 2

Sunday didn’t disappoint, the good work continued in the sunshine, as the artists added more detail to their pieces.  There were a few surprises, the painting of a geisha in blue by INSANE51, suddenly changed with him adding a red layer on top, making the image rather disjointed,  Once he had finished, he provided a pile of red/blue 3D glasses, looking at the image through the coloured lenses made it all become clear, it really is a special effect.

Over the course of the two days, starting on a blank canvas of over 700 metres of black wall, a spectacular array of murals by dozens of artists from the UK, Europe and the US appeared on the purpose-built maze located within the Yard, plus some larger pieces on walls on Eastvale Place itself.

A full range of street art styles were on display, Tags, Graphs and Murals, mainly created with aerosol paints, although traditional paint, pens and stencils were supplemented by 3D work created with paper and cardboard by Barry Neeson and Mademoiselle Maurice.  The sign writers were also out in force with a large piece by Conzo Throb and Ciaran Globel showing their usual sense of humour, the girls of the Cobolt Collective bringing a holiday touch, plus Frank Carty and his Artisan artworks combining gold and silver leaf into their piece.

There was a carnival atmosphere in the yard, plenty of food and drink outlets, music and plenty for the kids, the Cube Project had cubes dotted around with plenty of pens for them to get involved,

Clan Skates had set up in the Galvanisers giving free skateboarding lessons, and there was an abundance of paints and art materials for the artistic kids to get messy with.

It really was a terrific weekend, well done to all concerned in arranging it.

In no particular order, here are just a few of the standout pieces on display from artists such as Smug, Mark Worst, Marcus Hislop, Barry the Cat, Saturno, EJEK, Curtis Hylton and Philth.  It’s well worth paying a visit, if you can’t get down to SWG3 soon, make a point of visiting next year.