Street Art Arran

I was offered a few days stays in Auchrannie on the island of Arran, by my friend and neighbour Iain Carrie, this gave me a chance to try out a new camera, so off I went on an early morning ferry to take some landscape photographs, street art never entered my mind.  I stopped for lunch at the Drift Inn in Lamlash and spotted a nice mural of local produce, when I asked the staff who had painted it I was informed that it was by a local painter named David Aitchison, who they said: “painted the bus shelters”.  That was all I needed so off I set to find the bus shelters, I found three between Lamlash and Whiting Bay and they are all very good.

I also had a meal in the Crofters and while listening and chatting to Cams Campbell I noticed a nice wee mural in the restaurant, when I asked who painted it, I was told that it was by the chef, she turned out to be a talented girl, the food was excellent and she is also a gifted painter, I’m sorry I didn’t get her name.

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