Partick & SWG3

This trail of approximately 3½ km took me via the ‘clockwork orange’ to Partick from Buchannan Street Underground Station.

An interactive map is available here, which will allow you to see exactly where each piece is located.

A copy of the map is shown below to highlight the route I followed.

my route

Once at Partick, I was presented with three large murals by internationally renowned street artist Guido Van Helten, the murals depict netball, field hockey and rugby sevens which were three of the sports at the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow. Guido also painted the mural of badminton player Kieran Merrilees on Wilson Street in the Merchant City, as seen on my mural trail #1.


Leaving the station concourse, a short walk to Purdon Street via Anderson Street and Dumbarton Road for another Commonwealth Games commision, this time by Australian artist Fintan Magee. His huge kneeling woman with her palms outstretched, the house and boat floating in the sky above her hands are symbols of his Brisbane home.

I continued down Purdon Street into Gullane Street then onto Anderson Street and Beith Street to take me to the pedestrian walkway alongside the Clydeside Expressway to take me to what some may say is the home of Glasgow’s Street Art scene, SWG3 in Eastvale Place. Over the past few years, they have hosted the Yardworks Festival which is an International celebration of Graffiti and Street Art. As can be expected there is a wide selection of work by a variety of artists, many are spectacular like the large-scale mural ‘Blue Love’ by Pichiavo on the back wall of the event space.

Outside in the large yard, a group of wall artists were working away on some of the many murals on display, I had a chance to have a blether with Paul (AKA Sapian) who was working on his latest piece.

A return along the walkway leads you back to Partick Station for the subway back into the city, while there it’s worth looking out for the statue of Bud Neill’s GI Bride, another character from the Loby Dosser series, this location is apt as during the comic strip, she was always trying to get back to Scotland, specifically, as she pronounced it, “Pertick.”

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