Duke Street & the Barras

For this trail, I followed the route shown below.

My Route.jpg

An interactive map is available here, which will allow you to see exactly where each piece is located.

For this trail of approximately 3km, I started in George Square and headed East along George Street, past the StrathWonderWall by Rogue One and EJEK, and continued onto Duke Street to photograph the range of art by Smug on the wall at Tennent’s Brewery (I know they are adverts but in my opinion they should still be considered as street art), while there I popped in to see their impressive new Visitor Centre. I have done a few tours there in the past so didn’t bother this time, but I would recommend a tour to a visitor to the city.

Leaving Duke Street I crossed the road to go down Barrack Street towards the Gallowgate and the famous Glasgow Barras Market, I was lucky that I did this trail on a weekday as it meant that the area was very quiet (the busy market takes place every weekend). My destination was Ross Street to photograph Rogue One’s ‘Barras Pirate’, in the corner at this mural are 3 others, one by Mark Worst, one by Gonzo+Globels and a large honeycomb and Bumble Bee by EJEK.

I then headed round to Barras Art and Design (BAaD) where I found a wide selection of work. Inside the centre are some pieces by Little Book Transfers, which are similar to those at Charing Cross. In the Backyard area opposite are some good artworks by a variety of artists, including Chelsea Frew, Coll Hamilton and Best¦Ever.

I then headed up to Bain Street to see the magnificent mural by Smug at St Lukes And The Winged Ox. I then continued along Bain Street towards London Road, only to spot a new mural celebrating Lobey Dosser, Bud Neill’s Glasgow Cowboy created by artists from Dovehill Studios and Mighty Fine Theatre.  I then went through the car park behind the shop on the corner of Bain Street and London Road to get a better view of the large mural created by Rural Mural on the side gable of that building.

The trail over, I then continued along London Road to the West Brewery, where I had arranged to meet my friend Jim for an excellent lunch and a few of their great beers.